Reclaiming Indigenous Representation in the Media

The Struggle for Breakthrough: Reclaiming Indigenous Narratives
The Battle to Break Through: Reclaiming Indigenous Narratives via Rural Assembly on YouTube.

Editor’s Note: This story was produced by the Rural Assembly, a program of the nonprofit Center for Rural Strategies, which also publishes the Daily Yonder.

In recent years we have seen an outbreak of tribal representation in the mainstream media. From the success of shows like Reservation Dogs and Rutherford Falls to the confirmation of the first Native American as US Cabinet Secretary, Indigenous voices are reclaiming narrative to tell their own stories.

What did it take to get here?

We speak to friends from across Indian country who have worked to challenge stereotypes about Native American and Alaskan Native communities. They talk about the importance of breakthrough, what the future holds and the importance of continuing to create opportunities for more indigenous peoples.

The video contains interviews with Bobby Wilson, cast member of the sketch comedy group The 1491s and cast member on the television shows Rutherford Falls and Reservation Dogs; journalists Aliyah Chavez and Markus Trahant from IKT (Indian Country Today); and political expert Maria GivensCo-founder of Tahoma Peak Solutions, a strategic communications firm run by a local woman.

Video by Tyler Owens and Xandr Brown.

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