“Shot of Influence” motivates women in business to achieve desired goals

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, the College of Business Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) and the Women’s Center showed students the documentary “Shot of Influence”.

According to Liz Steinborn-Gourley, Director of the Women’s Center, the main purpose of watching the documentary was the idea that everyone is capable of entrepreneurship.

“I want the students to see themselves in the women portrayed in the documentary. That was a big part of it. Sometimes it’s hard to picture yourself in the role until we see someone like us in that position. The reason we wanted to invite them is because the whole premise of their documentary is for these twelve incredible business leaders in Minneapolis to share what it means to be part of the community, as well as what it means to be an entrepreneur and a woman in the to be business. ‘ said Steinborn-Gourley.

Entrepreneur Gabrieline Reece, who directed Shot of Influence, was invited to the show. After the film, she answered students’ questions and shared her experiences in the industry.

Reece said she believes a woman’s experience in business is important to society because women are particularly passionate about leadership.

“The issue of women in business is important because we have something in us that men don’t have. We are educators and teachers. We bring energy and emotions. We put our whole selves into it. We’re creating a very different economic system,” Reece said.

The documentary “Shot of Influence” showed students 12 businesswomen who shared the history of their organizations and the motivation to lead these companies. Businesswoman Nancy Korsah shared in the documentary that her motivation came from watching her mother growing up being denied various jobs despite her abilities.

The students who attended the event hoped to gain experience in the field of business, as well as specific areas of this field that they would like to delve into. First-year student Tiera McGill said she found the documentary encouraging and wanted to take this opportunity to gain more experience for a future career.

“The way they’ve been able to start their own business is empowering because it’s hard enough for women. I want to be a PR manager and much more [entrepreneurs] came from it. I’m currently studying marketing and I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to help others, not just myself,” McGill said. “I’m going to talk to Reece and ask how she got started because I want to do the same as her. Reece has first-hand experience in this as well.”

According to first-year student Cameron Miller, watching the documentary was a motivational boost for any woman who dreams of owning their own business and doing what they love. Miller dreams of one day opening a bakery.

“I’m trying to own my bakery in the future, so watching the documentary was really helpful,” Miller said. “It was very empowering and encouraging for women. It’s good that we have opportunities, we can get there too and we have resources.”

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