Skye Entertainment is preparing for the launch of its new release Light

NEW YORK, NY – (Newsfile Corp. – November 24, 2022) – Skye Entertainment is preparing to release its new releases, album LIGHT and film Light Travelers. Founder and CEO Skye Aurelia combines film, music, art, technology and fashion and hopes one day it will become a franchise that everyone can enjoy.

Skye Aurelia

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LIGHT and Light Travelers is said to be a 12-part series written by the founder herself. It combines elements of action, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, adventure and drama. The project includes a global approach that includes different languages ​​and tools. The vision came to her as a desire to invent a world of fantasy and science fiction.

“My music LIGHT is something I’ve imagined since I was 8 years old. I knew I wanted to inspire hearts and give people hope. I decided to turn them into 12 parts because the songs have a storyline that can be followed and that can be enjoyed through film. The film is aligned with the music, it is meant to be enjoyed synergistically. Each episode alludes to art, history, lore, philosophy, literature, theology and poetry. I hope it will connect those who are watching and listening to the human condition and make them feel deeply. I hope it speaks to everyone’s heart and gives them a push forward in their own lives.”

Skye Aurelia, Founder and CEO of Skye Entertainment, said: “Creation to me is dream, surrealism, monsters and fantastic worlds, it’s mystery, it’s beasts, gods and goddesses. People who can do everything have magic and power that can fail, overcome all obstacles and move mountains. Creation is the past, the present, the future. She is an inspiration of everything. Of history and hopes for the future. Characters where you can relate to passion, despair, joy, trepidation, heartbreak and falling in love. Creation is destruction, birth, light and darkness. It is life.”

Skye Aurelia, founder of Skye Entertainment, is also the founder of Skye Thrive and Skye Global. Both companies specialize in wellness, personal growth and humanitarian work. Through these three working together, Skye hopes to make a positive impact on the world through a total mind-body-spirit approach through the things she loves most – entertainment, self-improvement and world-improvement.

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Instagram: @skyeentertainmentllc

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