Sports Illustrated Week 12 Pac-12 Soccer Power Rankings

We only have two more weeks of regular season football at the Pac-12. That means each game becomes exponentially more important.

Oregon’s loss to Washington has shattered the image of the Pac-12 championship, but there’s still hope for the Ducks — who can return to Las Vegas if they win.

Week 12 – SI Pac-12 Football Power Rankings

1. USC 9-1, 7-1…(6 votes for first place) 82 points

2.Oregon 8-2, 6-1…71

3. Utah 8-2, 6-1…(1) 60

4.UCLA 8-2, 5-2…59

5. Washington 8-2, 5-2…57

6. Oregon State 7-3, 4-3…48

7. Washington State 6-4, 3-4…41

8.Arizona 4-6, 2-5…37

9. Arizona State 3-7, 2-5…27

10. Cal 3-7, 1-6…21

11.Stanford 3-7, 1-7…15

12. Colorado 1-9, 1-6…7

Jake Curtis, Cal Sports Report

1.USC; 2.Oregon; 3. Washington; 4. Utah; 5.UCLA; 6. State of Oregon; 7. Washington State; 8.Arizona; 9. State of Arizona; 10, Cal; 11.Stanford; 12. Colorado.

Comment: I want a five-way tie for first place at the end of the regular season and it wouldn’t take much imagination to achieve that. Put the top five teams in a hat and pull out one you want as the likely conference champion. I’d like to place Arizona higher than eighth place, but let’s not forget the first nine games. Cal Stanford plays The Big Game? Talk about a misnomer.


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