The 2022 Your Prep Sports Area Girls Cross Country Team

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It was another cross country season to remember at Your Prep Sports.

Four teams from Your Prep Sports that qualified for state cross country meet Solon, who takes third place in Class 3A to secure a second straight team trophy.

Your Prep Sports’ annual cross country team honors some of the athletes responsible for their teams’ success this season.

The seven-strong 2022 Your Prep Sports Area Girls Cross Country Team is made up of runners from five different schools and includes school record holders and state medalists.

Solon senior Kayla Young is the captain of the 2022 team after leading the Spartans to a team-place third place in Class 3A with an individual second-place finish.

Young placed second at the 3A State Meeting in a time of 18:24.13.

Kayla Young (Captain)

Senior, Solon

Over the past two seasons, Young has quickly risen to become one of the top runners in the state.

Young’s rapid rise to elite status began late in the 2021 season when she had three consecutive top-five finishes to conclude her junior season.

This fall, Young took things to another level.

Young finished her prep career with three consecutive top 2 finishes, including a second place finish at the Class 3A state meeting.

As a junior, Young placed third at the WAMAC Conference Meeting, won the 3A State Qualifier, and finished fifth at the 3A State Meeting.

This season, Young has been even better at each of those meetings.

Young placed second at the WAMAC Conference Meeting and won the 3A State Qualifier for the second straight year.

Young, a recruit from northern Iowa, finished second at the state meeting in a time of 18:24.13, more than 50 seconds faster than the state meeting time from her junior season.

Young finished just behind Ballard senior Paityn Noe, who set the Iowa all-time record with a time of 16:48.58.

Young’s time of 18:24.13 was the ninth fastest time at the state meeting across all classes.

Haidy Barker

Senior, Clear Creek Amana

Barker, who has been a fixture in the Clear Creek Amana lineup for the past four seasons, cemented her status as one of the best in program history with a standout senior season.

Barker’s big senior season helped Clear Creek Amana qualify for the state meeting for the first time since 2003, where the Clippers earned a top-10 finish.

Barker, a four-time state qualifier, improved on each of her four trips to the 3A state meet and capped her career with her first state medal of the season.

Barker was 63approx at the state meeting as a freshman, 33approx as a student and 20th as a junior before earning her first medal with a 13th place this season in a time of 19:33.61.

The 13ththBarker’s placement helped Clear Creek Amana finish ninth as a team in 3A.

In her strong senior season, Barker also had her fourth consecutive top three finish at the WAMAC Conference Meeting, third and second at the Class 3A State Qualifying Meeting.

Ani Wedemeyer

Second year, City High

One of the state’s top freshmen last fall, Wedemeyer followed up her strong debut season with a stellar sophomore campaign.

Wedemeyer improved on her finish from last season in each of her last four meetings this fall, ending a strong season in 27th placeth 4th place at the State Meeting of Class 4A.

As a freshman, Wedemeyer was 16th at the MVC Super Meet, ninth at the MVC Divisional Met and 13thth 31st place at the 4A State QualifierSt at the national meeting.

That season, Wedemeyer advanced to the top six in the three meetings prior to the 4A state meeting.

Wedemeyer placed sixth at the MVC Super Meet, fifth at the MVC Valley Divisional Meet, and sixth at the 4A State Qualifier.

Wedemeyer’s time of 19:38.5 at the Class 4A state meeting was more than four seconds faster than her time at the state meeting from her freshman season.

Mya Whitaker

Senior, Regina

Whitaker ended her career as one of the most successful runners in Regina history.

Whitaker became only the second athlete to qualify each season as an individual and as part of the team for the state meeting. He has helped the Regals finish in the top 10 at 1A state meetings in three of the last four seasons.

Whitaker finished 12thth at the River Valley Conference invited meeting and a week later he finished third in the Class 1A State Qualifier for the second straight year.

On her fourth trip to the state convention, Whitaker turned 61St in a time of 21:18.32 to help Regina to a 13th Place team finish.

Iris Wedemeyer

Senior, city high

For most of her career, Wedemeyer was an executive in the Little Hawk program. As a senior, Wedemeyer had another strong season.

Wedemeyer placed seventh in the Class 4A state qualifier for the second straight year, helping City High return to the state meet for the third time in their four-year career.

After place 42nd and 36th in their first two state championships, Wedemeyer finished 76thth at the national meeting this fall in a time of 20:32.6.

Wedemeyer was also 11thth at the MVC Valley Divisional Meeting as a senior.

Maria Fiala

Senior, Solon

Fiala, a state qualifier as a freshman and sophomore, ended her career on her best season.

Fiala finished his career in best 36th placeth at the Class 3A state meeting to help Solon win a team trophy with a third-place finish for the second straight season.

As a newcomer, Fiala placed 54thth at the national meeting and was 45th in the second year of study.

At her last appearance at the state competition, Fiala finished 36thth in a time of 20:20.81, which was nearly nine seconds faster than her time at the 2020 state meeting.

Before her appearance at the state meeting, Fiala was 16 years oldth meet at the WAMAC Conference and on 12th at the 3A state qualification.

Kate Van Waning

Freshman, West High

The more races Van Waning ran this fall, the better the West High rookie seemed to be getting.

By the end of the season, Van Waning had emerged as the front of the pack runner for the Trojans and one of the best rookies around.

The strong end of the season for Van Waning started with a 25th place at the MVC Super Meet and sat down with a 19th place finishth place at the Valley Divisional a week later.

Van Waning ended a strong freshman season with an 18th place finishth Place at the Class 4A State Qualification Meeting in a time of 7:49 p.m.

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