The final act of M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment’s ‘Step up’ inclusion campaign introduces ‘The Absolut Choir’

Credit: Andrew Timms @timmsy

On Tuesday November 22nd, The Absolut Choir took the stage to perform an emotional version of the Hit song Shine, live for the first time ever on East London’s Night Tales.

The choir sang an all-new version of Years and Years hit Shine, rearranged for choir voices, Olly and The Absolut Choir cranks up the volume on a variety of occasions and conversations, proving that we have the power to create a better, more open world when we mix.

Creative passion agency M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment has launched an inclusion campaign for Absolut UK, and introduces The Absolut Choir – a creative project that is the first of its kind and increases the volume of inspirational changemakers who together can build a more inclusive world.

Led by one of the world’s most seminal modern pop stars, Olly Alexander of Years & Years, the Absolut Choir raises the voices of inspiring changemakers, pioneers and creators across the UK.

That night, a mix of individuals, inspirational changemakers and celebrities came together to turn up the volume on a variety of causes and conversations including body positivity, disability awareness and equality.

The Trans Voices Choir opened the night with two original tracks and a new vocal arrangement from the famous years & Years song “Eyes Shut”.

Olly Alexander and the Changemakers Kenny Ethan Jones, Nyome Nicholas-Williams, Max Churchill, ILĀ and Coda Nicolaeff opened a conversation on stage to increase the volume of concerns including LGBTQIA+ rights, self love, better disability awareness and body positivity; proves that when we come together and raise each other’s voices, we have the power to change the world.

The THE ABSOLUT CHOIR campaign was created by M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment as part of the agency Step-Up offering that helps brands invest in causes of cause to make the culture more inclusive. The agency is dedicated to using communication to fundamentally change ingrained attitudes and change behaviors. To accomplish this work, the agency has established an Inclusion Alliance, a series of strategic partnerships with key organizations and voices to guide and shape its thinking and execution, ensuring authenticity reigns and work has maximum impact.

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment has partnered with Absolut UK to establish its cultural program Born To Mix UK Program bringing unexpected and diverse creatives together on a range of projects aimed at fostering conversation and progress in the UK. The first project, Second Skin Couture, saw different worlds and minds in fashion mingling to challenge stereotypes and perceptions, while the Absolut Choir aims to demonstrate the collective power of bringing important voices together and raising them louder to to change the world.

Speaking at the event, change maker Max Churchill said: “The project has created a space that I can reclaim and reclaim visit my voice’. Another ILA pioneer, Trans Voices, commented, “I’ve never felt a sense of belonging, but I can honestly say this process has been an incredible journey for myself.” Trans activist Kenny Ethan Jones said that “collaborating as a choir has reaffirmed the importance of mingling with diverse communities. We learned so much from each other and now we feel like family.”

Jodie Fullagar (she/her) Co-General Manager at M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment runs the agency DE&I strategy and step-up expertise. She comments: “Last night’s event set a blueprint for inclusive brand marketing. The Absolut Choir embodies our step-up commitment to doing work that creates a better world. The Absolut brand has a long history of advocating for a more inclusive world and takes a responsibility to shape culture, not just exist in it. This campaign with The Absolut Choir showcases the positive changes brands can create when they truly harness the power of their platforms to make culture more inclusive.”


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