The Warning Band Parents

The Warning Band Parents. With raúl arévalo, aura garrido, hugo arbues, belén cuesta. Straight from a long run in the mighty dominus sabbata, possibly one of the best sabbath tributes of all time, and founding member of moonfish.steve plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion and sings like a.

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Luis, monica, dany, paulina, alejandra villarreal (the warning band) as well as myself, ted boylan (promotions manager), wish to welcome an incredible contributor as well as solid supporter to the warning. Daniela (guitar, lead vocals), paulina (drums, vocals, piano), and alejandra villarreal (bass guitar, piano, backing vocals) are well known for their 2014 cover of metallica's enter sandman on their youtube page, garnering attention from the likes of muse and. With raúl arévalo, aura garrido, hugo arbues, belén cuesta.

They Just Share With Us Our Love And Passion For Music.” The Girls Never Planned To Form A Band, Especially Since Alejandra Was Really Small (In Age And Size, Still Plays A Smaller Scale Bass).

Daniela, 15, guitarist for the warning, in ensemble practice at berklee summer programs, says, “we all started with classical music but then my father bought the video game rock band and we fell in love with it—well, alejandra couldn’t play because she was too tiny—and when my dad told me you get to pick another instrument to play, i was like, ‘yes! And had their first experience with music when attending a summer camp with. People are shot constantly with varying levels of blood spraying.

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The Warning Is From Monterrey, A City In Northeast Mexico.

Dany, pau, and ale i'm very happy to help. Hailing from the northeastern mexican city of monterrey, daniela and paulina — the two oldest villarreal sisters — started taking piano lessons while their parents exposed them to contemporary rock bands like muse and ac/dc. With raúl arévalo, aura garrido, hugo arbues, belén cuesta.

The Warning’s New Ep Is.

The warning formed in 2013 when three sisters, daniela, paulina and alejandra villarreal vélez, started playing hard rock in their parent’s home in monterrey, mexico. After exploding online with viral. You might heed the oncoming menace if the group was helpfully called the warning and bandied about a slogan that didn't leave any doubt about their presence:

The First Book In The Series Even Comes With A Sturgeon General's Warning.

Daniela (guitar), paulina (drums), and alejandra villarreal (bass) are three talented sisters and musicians from monterrey, mexico between the ages of nine and 14 that make up the rock band the warning.the three siblings play original music and covers of songs like “enter sandman” by metallica, “back in black” by ac/dc, and more. In the first instance, you might want to give any aggressive parents or visitors a verbal warning, by speaking to them privately to: 225,881 likes · 13,607 talking about this.

On Lead Guitar And Vocals, Daniela Villarreal (Dany) Is The Oldest Band.

No one seems to believe him except one person that he doesn't know who has come to believe that fate itself wants the boy dead and tries to prevent it. Check out the warning’s official website and consider lending your support to help make the girls’ dreams come true. It is placed on audio recordings in recognition of profanity or inappropriate references, with the intention of alerting parents of material potentially unsuitable for children.

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