These blogger favorite white and navy blue sweaters make up nearly 40%

Before anyone even heard of a humble photo-sharing app called Instagram, we had this thing called “blogs.” Standalone websites run by individuals with diverse voices and perspectives. That’s right, you had to go to separate URLs to learn about your favorite online creators and get their product recommendations. Now that everyone with social media essentially has their own mini-blog, it can be difficult to figure out which product recommendations are legitimate.

Thankfully, the majority of the OG blogging crew have successfully transitioned to Instagram and TikTok, with some even starting their own eponymous lines. Even if we rather call them influencers and creators Now we know that the old guard of online bloggers would never mislead us, especially on Wardrobe staples. An example of their lasting effect is the presence of a specific person pullover style year after year. And of course we’ve found you the best deals on this iconic look for Black Friday.


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