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They Who Hear The Sea Genshin. Let's hope that they can give us some clues about the code. In order to find all the echoing conches you need to complete the “summer vacation:

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How to complete the they who hear the sea quest and find the correct code enter 1 2 3 4, 5 in correct order00:00. “they who hear the sea”. I must admit, this is a tricky riddle to solve, and i applaud the developers on their cleverness.

Looks Like Our Only Chance Are Those Conches That Store Sounds.

To unlock the quest, you need to find a specific echoing conch in the archipelago. The reason why this is the correct code is because it’s related to the echoing conch on twinning isle. They who hear the sea treasure code.

The Genshin Impact They Who Hear The Sea Quest Gives You A Treasure Chest That You Have To Unlock By Finding The Correct Code.

Twinning isle luxurious chest combination guide (they who hear the sea quest) by olexander michael ivan korda published jun. One world quest called “they who hear the sea” can be found among the. Listening to the conch will activate the quest they who hear the sea. the quest will also mark a spot on.

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However, The Game Doesn’t Tell You What That Code Is, Nor Where To Find It.

They who hear the sea is a midsummer island adventure world quest in genshin impact. In this quest, players have to look for a hidden chest, unlock it with a code to claim the rewards. Scroll below to understand how the clue works.

They Who Hear The Sea Walkthrough Guide For Genshin Impact.

Genshin impact guide & walkthrough wiki When you approach the chest, you won’t be able to shatter it and since it. To kick off this quest, genshin impact players need to find the echoing conch on the north side of twinning isle.

Discover The Secret Code To Open A Mysterious Chest, While You Collect Some Echoing Conches In Your Midsummer Island Adventure.

“they who hear the sea”. 01:15 3 unlock the treasure chest code 5214. In the golden apple archipelago, genshin impact has introduced several puzzles and quests that are unique to the region.