Tim Allen on the Hollywood deal and his Christmas comeback in Disney+ series The Santa Clauses

Can you believe it’s been 28 years Tim Allenis first Santa Claus Movie arrived in cinemas? Now, three films and nearly three decades later, Tim is back in his cheery red and white suit to reprise his beloved Christmas role in the form of a new original series entitled The Movie The Santascontinue streaming now Disney+.

This six-episode limited series takes its loyal movie fans, as well as a new generation of believers, on the (sleigh) ride as viewers catch up with Tim’s character Scott Calvin, better known as Santa Claus, as he grapples with changing age and the struggle about keeping the holiday spirit in our modern society.

When I first sat down with Tim, who is also an executive producer The SantasI told him that I was eight years old at the time Santa Claus movie was released in 1994 and that the ‘kid at heart’ in me nostalgically enjoyed seeing him return to the big screen in his iconic holiday role.

Tim replied: “More than that, I’m pleased that we will not disappoint. As far as I could tell, I wouldn’t give it up until we’ve honored the very thing that got me into it first [film] and people who have done it too. I loved what we did there. I loved what John Pasquin, the director, did. I loved what the writers did, but I appreciate what you say.”

16 years have passed since he last put on his Santa suit Santa Claus 3: The Escape ClauseI wondered how discussions between Tim and Disney initially got started to eventually turn this series idea into a streaming video reality.

“Disney+ needed content,” continues Tim. “On our creative side, how do you do the first [film] appropriate and better? That’s all I needed to hear. Finally with Jack Burditt, the writer, [he] framed a new idea that we have tweaked, we mean me. I said, ‘I don’t like all that, pull that out, but this little core is wonderful.’ Jack Burditt also wrote the original idea for Last Man Standing and molded it into the show we had.”

Tims The Santas Co-stars including actress Elizabeth Mitchell, who is Tim’s love interest Carol/Mrs. Klaus since Santa Claus 2 & 3 Movies, spoke to me briefly about the joys of playing alongside Tim today.

“My stomach always hurts when I work with Tim because he makes me laugh,” reveals Elizabeth. “At the same time I trust and love Tim and can be with him, be with his daughter because Elizabeth was there. Jane was with us most days, Tim’s wife – so heavenly! Had the best time with them.”

Kal Penn agrees Santa Claus Universum as the not-so-nice big businessman Simon and expressed to me his excitement about working with Tim. “Obviously, I’m a huge Tim Allen fan,” Kal continues. “The same goes for Elizabeth Mitchell. I think the first Santa Claus The movie came out when I was in high school so it quickly entered the classic Christmas movie rotation. The nerdy kid in me said, ‘I can’t believe I get to be a part of the sequel to this.’ It’s not a replacement or a remake – it’s the sequel to those iconic films, so I’m very excited.”

Actor Devin Bright who plays Noel in Santa’s right hand The SantasShe says of Tim: “He’s always super funny. He jokes off-camera – he’s just as funny off-camera as he is on-camera, but he’s also more than welcome to flip the switch once the cameras start rolling and get to his character. Then simply learn from him – how he works and thinks, how scenes work. Learning how he takes care of the stories and wants to make sure everything makes sense is really cool.”

Actress Matilda Lawler, who echoed The North Pole’s operations director Betty, echoed Devin’s arguments about Tim, saying: “At first I wasn’t sure what to expect because I know how funny he is on screen, but he’s just as funny -screen. It’s really just a pleasure to be with him. He always brings a good mood to the set.”

Santa’s teenage son Cal is here The Santas is played by actor Austin Kane, who tells me he felt a connection to Tim and Elizabeth as his on-screen parents from the very beginning of filming. “We immediately dived in and it was like a second family,” says Austin. “The chemistry was already there.”

As for the on-screen debut of Tim’s second child, Sandra, the chemistry most likely was even more natural for him given that the newcomer playing the role is Tim’s real-life daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick. With The Santas As it’s her first Hollywood role, Tim tells me what was supposed to be just a quick supporting role as a background elf waving at the camera morphed into a leading character performance as the Disney+ series casting executives waved her at her Face got auditions.

Speaking of his interaction with The Santas Casting team during daughter Elizabeth’s audition, Tim says, “They say, ‘Has she done this before?’ I said, ‘Well, she read all the comedy with me Last Man Standing because I wanted the timing right, so she understands that.’ She got the role all by herself.”

After his daughter was cast, Tim shared with me the playful warning he gave his newest co-star on set. “I sat on stage and I said to her, ‘When I’m on stage, I’m Tim Allen, the comedian, actor and potty mouth. Well, I don’t want you to tell your mom everything I’ve said here.” Aside from that, there are other kids, so I had to take care of myself like I usually do, which is a bit of a self. This dirty comedian who dressed up as Santa Claus around kids. It’s a recipe for disaster! My kid – I was nice, I did my job and I avoided her. She was beaming and respectful and acted like she had been for years. I don’t know what else to say. It was wonderful.”

Featuring Tim’s acclaimed career that extends beyond his memorable Santa Claus performances, including his other starring roles on popular sitcoms such as handyman and Last Man StandingI was curious how the longtime actor would say how his approach to the business side of the Hollywood industry has evolved since his early acting years.

Well, I just adapt,” reveals Tim. “Right now, Network TV was simple – it was Nielsen ratings converted into advertising dollars. Very easy. Movies – Box office is king. You make a big box office, you know exactly what you’re doing. This new guy, streaming, and along with you, you want to be politically correct. I mean, Bill Maher’s old show Politically incorrect It used to be what I loved – lets dance around the censorship. For now it’s different and a little camouflaged. I don’t know what constitutes streaming. I am not part of Netflix or Disney+. That’s not for us, so it’s difficult to be a negotiator when you don’t really understand the whole deal. I don’t know what the analytics is, so it’s very different now. On the other hand, it’s not what motivates me right now. What drives me is creativity and entertainment and making people excited, fun, happy whatever we are trying to do. So for me it’s all about the union and the crew. When everyone there is taken care of, I will be taken care of. We’ll find out.”


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