Tony Stark’s Most Impressive Tech, Ranked

The basis for the MCUThe current success of started with iron man, whose main character is Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.). Throughout the franchise we have seen many gadgets used by Tony in his many fights. Some of these are very versatile in their use while others are very simple. More importantly, we’ve seen how Stark’s technology has both helped and harmed the Avengers: in the villains he’s able to defeat with his technology, and in the amount of collateral damage he inflicts in the process. Either way, Iron Man’s technology has major implications for the universe he interacts with.

In the context of the MCU itself, Stark’s technology is quite impressive, with all characters acknowledging his genius as he always finds ways to improve himself – the team – with each new upgrade. This is best shown through his change of suits in each film when he shows a new major combat skill he has. In fact, Stark’s technology is so impressive that other villains in other franchise films such as Spiderman are willing to steal his technology to use for their own nefarious ends. All of this just goes to show the amazing work Tony has created and for that reason we will be rating each of these technical pieces.


6/6 Iron Spider

InfinityWar Spider-Man (1)
Marvel Studios

Easily one of the most outstanding technical elements in the entire MCU Spiderman movies. In fact, the suit managed to appear in some form in all of the Tom Holland films, becoming the main suit that sets him apart from all previous Spider-Men. The Iron Spider suit has a variety of different functions that Peter can use. The pincers around his back can withstand a fight with Thanos without completely breaking apart, showing the suit’s great durability. It can also help Peter a lot when he flies into space to fight major intergalactic threats. And perhaps its coolest feature, he also has the ability to launch more deadly attacks when he activates the suit’s “Instant Kill” mode.

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5/6 Stark’s arc reactor

Iron man 2 scene
Marvel Studios

The piece of technology that started it all. The arc reactor became the main object used in all of Iron Man’s appearances to power his armor. It’s a powerful piece of engineering that has become the fulcrum for Tony Stark as a hero. The arc reactor also had other uses, e.g. B. to power the Stark Tower and give it self-sustaining energy. There are also versions of the Arc Reactor used for combat abilities, allowing beams of energy to shoot out of them. It’s an iconic piece of engineering and definitely a necessary part of what makes Iron Man who he is. Inverse even talked about how impressive the technology is.

4/6 Hulkbuster

Iron Man Hulkbuster suit
Marvel Studios

It’s difficult to build any kind of technology to withstand the Hulk’s power. And yet Tony tried to create something that could. be depicted in; characterized in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulkbuster Armor was able to fend off the Hulk in a head-to-head battle without being completely destroyed. This is incredibly impressive when you understand how powerful Hulk can become when he gets angry. This is also arguably Hulk at his strongest as he is under the power of Scarlet Witch. Knowing this, the Hulkbuster is by far the most powerful technology Tony has in his arsenal to solve any problem. With the amount of power it has, you might wonder why he doesn’t use the armor more often to stop problems – that is, until you realize just how much collateral damage the Hulkbuster can do when in use. Then you can understand why Tony uses it conservatively. In fact, it was only used by Bruce himself in the MCU Avengers: Infinity War.

3/6 nano glove

Iron Man in the Avengers Endgame
Disney, Marvel Studios

Much like the Hulkbuster, a tech device that’s probably just as difficult to create is one capable of wielding the Infinity Stones. Of course, due to the unruliness of the stones, the technology has some major weaknesses. The gauntlet has the problem of damaging the wearer. Even the Hulk had trouble snapping his fingers with Tony’s version of the gauntlet. And yet the gauntlet was able to function in the same way as Thanos Infinity Gauntlet used at the end of Avengers: Endgame to wipe out Thanos and his entire army. It is easily one of Tony’s most impressive creations.

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Jarvis in Iron Man
Marvel Studios

Many films have used AI programs to show off the vast intelligence of their creators, and the same goes for Tony Stark in the MCU. Jarvis is arguably one of Tony’s greatest creations, if not his greatest. The system has helped him in many different situations as he has found a variety of solutions. Jarvis is smart enough to keep up with Tony’s funny remarks and of course, converse with him. Jarvis also has the ability to run Stark Industries with Pepper Potts in Tony’s absence. Iron Man puts great trust in Jarvis and his many abilities until they were eventually destroyed by Ultron.

1/6 Ultron

Marvel Studios

Simply Tony’s greatest creation. Unlike Jarvis, Ultron was able to detach himself from his creator and become a major antagonist of the Avengers. Ultron had his own beliefs and desires. And he was strong enough to completely disassemble many of the Avengers. Much like Jarvis, he was able to keep up with all of the Avengers’ quips and match them to his own. Ultron also had the foresight to recruit other super-powered characters to help him eliminate the Avengers and use other Ultron bots to be under his control to fight the Avengers. It’s by far the greatest creation Tony has, even if the result is wildly different from the original intention.


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