Wandisimo Fairly Odd Parents

Wandisimo Fairly Odd Parents. Juandissimo and wanda, the perfect odd couple. Timmy took one look at it and sighed.

Juandissimo Magnifico/Images/Operation F.U.N. Fairly Odd from fairlyoddparents.wikia.com

When nerds collide, the jimmy timmy power hour 3: Juandissimo flexed his muscles and began dancing happily. With a flick of his wand he was dressed as he used to a white shirt and tight black pants.

Juandissimo And Wanda, The Perfect Odd Couple.

2 timmy turner (the all new fairly oddparents!)/info. Here are all the juandissimo __ is a fairy on fairly odd parents answers. Is juandissimo poof's true father in fairly oddparents?!

1 The All New Fairly Oddparents!

Since they were the only adults who ever understood him, he finds comfort in imagining that they are there to watch over him, since his. Standard printable step by step how to draw juandissimo from the fairly oddparents Create an account or sign in to comment.

Poof Played With Wandisimo’s Pony Tail.

Make your own “juandissimo magnifico fairly odd parents” from the best independent, 1 of 1 customs artists. So i propose that because cosmo was infertile, the wish created a fairy baby using both wanda and juandissimo's genes and then transferred the embryo to cosmo. He runs the whole thing like the mob, and is even able to intimidate jorgen.

Juandissimo Flexed His Muscles And Began Dancing Happily.

His godparents died in a car crash when he was younger; Some of the worlds are: Nectar of the odds timmy opens a lemonade stand so he can earn money to buy tickets to crash nebula on ice.

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Juandissimo Magnifico Is A Major Antagonist In Fairly Odd Parents.

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