What Is Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact

What Is Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact. À lire aussi | comment télécharger et installer genshin impact sur pc, ps4, ios et android ?; Kazuha can trigger elemental reactions as a support or dps character.

Genshin Impact Complete Elemental Mastery Guide from studiocgames.com

Most people want to build complete pure elemental mastery on sucrose, sayu, and kazuha for very high damage swirls. As far as i understand, elemental mastery increases the damage done when an elemental reaction happens. Em on the second character makes it more powerful.

Elemental Mastery Increases The Damage Of Your Reactions And Better Durability For Crystallize Shields (Useless) Elemental Mastery Is Always Good On Vape And Melt Comps But Not As Good As Crit Stats.

It boosts the damage of swirl, vaporize, overload, ect ect. Unlike the rest of the offensive elemental reactions, crystallized, which is a. If you have full understanding elemental mastery in genshin impact , then you can easily deal high damage numbers.

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So, Your Elemental Combinations Get A Damage Increase.

What is the amount of damage gained by elemental mastery? Elemental mastery is basically your “special damage” stat, so your stat for your reactions. Elemental mastery and elemental reactions are mechanics unique to genshin impact.

What Is Elemental Mastery In Genshin Impact?

With melt and vape, the bonus is a bit less because. Max hp, attack, defense, max stamina, and elemental mastery. Joflyer 1 year ago #1.

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A second character triggers a reaction. The higher your character’s elemental mastery, the more powerful your elemental reactions become and vice versa. A complete guide to elemental mastery (em) for genshin impact by lesterberne on reddit.

Raise Weapon And Artifact Level To Increase Elemental Mastery.

Elemental mastery is basically an attribute in genshin impact that can play an important role in increasing damage to your side. Elemental mastery and elemental reactions are mechanics unique to genshin impact.while some players may not find it as valuable as other stats like attack or critical rate, building the elemental mastery attribute on the right characters can result in excellent team composition and high damage output. Category:elemental mastery weapons | genshin impact wiki | fandom.