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As the Christmas season approaches, many questions may arise, such as: B. What side dish do you make for Thanksgiving dinner? Which Christmas movie are we going to see? Or if you find yourself a sports fan, do I watch basketball or soccer? Well, this year you can add another sport to the watchlist. For the first time ever, the FIFA Men’s World Cup starts on November 20th and ends on December 18th, which means that this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations could be a little different.

The reason for a third holiday sport? Well, the soccer tournament will be played in Qatar, a place known for reaching temperatures of up to 122 degrees in summer. To ensure player safety and reduce the risk of dehydration, the World Cup was moved to a cooler climate. Being a summer sport, soccer might be low on the watch list for some, but if you love the fast-paced energy of a game of soccer, it’s perfect for lounging on your couch rather than the dining table during Thanksgiving Day.

Soccer is not perfect as some games may exceed the 90 minute period and even be goalless all the time. However, as this is the biggest stage in football, the pros are likely to keep the games entertaining with questionable calls, fouls and a few goals here and there. Unfortunately there will be no game on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but you can watch the last World Cup game on December 20th.

For some, tradition might be better, since the NFL has had a Thanksgiving game since its inception. This year the games will feature the Bills and Lions at 10:30 am, followed by the Cowboys and Giants in a division game at 2:30 pm and the final game of the night which sees the Vikings and Patriots play each other at 6:30 pm A month later during Christmas, the NFL will have three games on Christmas Day, and most of that week’s games will be on Christmas Eve.

If you want to watch basketball, there are a number of games the day before Thanksgiving, November 23rd, and the day after, November 25th. There will also be a series of games for Christmas to keep you going back and forth between channels to keep up with the NBA and NFL.

Now which one is the best? With football being played on such a large stage at this time, the World Cup is sure to be exciting from start to finish. It is also reported that there might be some star players last on the big stage.

The World Cup is only held every four years while soccer and basketball are held every year. Although football and basketball are closer to home and can even be visited in person, football has a way of bringing not just families but nations together.

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