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On November 15, 2022 at 3:40 p.m., a rocket fell on the village of Przewodów, killing two Polish citizens. Soon after, Polish allies offered their condolences and full support to Poland. Meanwhile, Russian attacks continue to terrorize Ukrainian cities and destroy the country’s infrastructure ahead of winter.

Missile incident in Przewodów

Russia’s war against Ukraine has spread west across the border for the first time since the full-scale invasion began. Although neither side has claimed responsibility, the fact remains that the explosion occurred on Polish soil. TVP World reporter Stanisław Jegliński is in Przewodów in south-eastern Poland with the latest developments.

Deadly explosion stirs fears

Aside from further straining the already tense international relations, the tragic incident in eastern Poland has a more personal dimension. As investigations into the blast continue, locals in the area are concerned about more falling from the sky in the future.

Poland responds to rocket fire

The deadly incident involving the explosion of a stray missile on Polish territory near the border with Ukraine was truly an unprecedented event. The Polish authorities reacted decisively to the explosion and drew up plans for further action in cooperation with the Polish allies.

World leaders react

The rocket attack that killed two people in south-eastern Poland on Tuesday has caused massive uproar in the international community. Most world leaders have expressed their condolences and full support to Poland.

Russian attacks on Ukraine continue

Russian attacks continue and Ukraine is preparing to repel the enemy from the Belarusian side. Residents of border towns live with memories of the horrors of March 2022, when Russians massacred people fleeing along the Green Corridor. TVP World correspondent Aleksandra Marchewicz is in Ukraine covering the latest developments.

The more the spouse

On Wednesday, the European Commission demanded that Romanian, Bulgarian and Croatian citizens be allowed to travel freely across Europe without a passport. The move would expand the Schengen area to 29 countries.

Shock wave from the Stanbul explosion

Turkish officials blame Kurdish militants for the attack that killed six people in Istanbul last week. The question now is how and whether the NATO accession process of Sweden and Finland will be affected by the bombing. Turkey could now demand that both countries show greater willingness to support their fight against the terrorist threat.

Artemis mission started successfully

The Artemis One mission successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The rocket will orbit the moon and eventually return to Earth. NASA’s goal is to lay the foundation for a future lunar base. This historic launch could herald a new era in space exploration.

The heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe Film Festival ends at the end of the month, with awards in each category being presented on November 17th. While Warsaw residents can watch the films at a downtown venue, viewers around the world can stream the films at Heart of Europe .TVP.PL.

Guest of the world news

To talk about the explosion in the Polish village near the Ukrainian border and the reaction of people around the world, TVP World invited Christian Borys, the founder of Saint Javelin.



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